Research Center of Ethical Region Disaster Countermeasure and Protection Technology

publish date 2012-11-30
    Relying on the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering of Dalian Nationalities University, the Ethical Region Disaster Countermeasure and Protection Technology Research Center was established on May 14, 2009, with Professor Sun Jiangang as person in charge and such scientific and technological research organs as the Numerical Simulation Research Office, Digital Space Research Office, Digital Visualization Research Office, Engineering Structure Lab, etc. under it.  

    The research center takes the followings as its main research orientation: mechanical behavior of disaster load in large-scale structures and comprehensive technologies for disaster alleviation; numerical simulation technology of the mechanical behaviors in large-scale structures; engineering structure health diagnosis technology; digitalized protection technology for national architecture; disaster countermeasure and protection, disaster appraisal and emergency technology; plan for the construction in new rural area and the integration technology of thermal insulation, energy conservation and shock absorption for architecture body; fireproof performance and fire resistance technology for composite structure; research on the multi-axial mechanical performance of concrete and road damage diagnosis technology. 

    The research center possesses the analysis systems used for vibration testing, structure damage, ARCGIS physical information of the earth, pipeline corrosion and hunting, corrosion diagnosis for large-sized storage tank and so on; the numerical analysis software systems like ANSYS, ADINA, ABAQUS, etc. and VR system; earth station type Trimble 3D laser scanner made in U. S. A. and one set of analysis and processing software; shearing pressure testing system for large-scale structure and static & dynamic testing system for large-scale structure.   

    As for the teachers’ team in the center, there are one specially invited professor & grade II professor, 8 professors, 5 associate professors and 4 lecturers, of whom, 12 have doctor’s degree. The director of the center Sun Jiangang is a specially invited professor and grade II professor, who is also the winner of government allowance as issued by the State Council, an excellent expert in Dalian, a famous teacher in Liaoning, a labor model in Dalian, a model communist in Liaoning and a model teacher in Dalian. In addition, he is also concurrently acting as member of Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering Structure Control Branch, member of Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering Vibration Isolation Branch, member of the Edition Committee of the Journal World Earthquake Engineering, member of Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering Vibration Isolation Application Committee, emergency expert in Dalian and doctoral supervisor in Lanzhou University of Technology and Northeast Petroleum University. Talent cultivation: 24 master degree candidates and 7 doctorial students are cultivated under the cooperation with Northeast Petroleum University and Beifang University of Nationalities.

    The teachers in the center have undertaken more than 30 scientific research projects of various types, with an outlay up to over RMB 4 million yuan, of which, five fall within the projects supported by National Nature Science Foundation, more than 10 are projects at provincial or ministerial level, and one got the Scientific and Technological Progress Prize in Dalian. At present, one academic monograph has been published and more than 50 papers as well as 28 EI, SCI or ISTP retrievals have been issued in important academic journals. Moreover, the center has participated in domestic academic exchange for five times and carried out two international exchange projects.