General Information of Dalian Minzu University

publish date 2013-04-07
    Dalian Minzu University (DMU) is a comprehensive institution of higher learning for ethnic minorities strong in the disciplines of engineering and applied subjects with its location in Dalian, which lies along the coast of Yellow Sea. (DMU is under the direct administration of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and the only ethnic university situated in the northeastern and open coastal region of China. The university initiated its founding work in 1984 and began the trilateral construction of the university by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Liaoning Provincial Government and Dalian Municipal Government in 2006.  
    Dalian Minzu University is composed of two campuses, the Kaifqu Campus located in Dalian Jinzou New Area and the Jinshitan Campus located in the Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort. The university has 19 colleges and institutes under its administration for teaching and research, they are: Economics and Management College, College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, College of Life Science, College of Foreign Languages, College of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Design, College of Civil Engineering, College of Liberal Arts and Law, College of Science, School of Ethnic Preparatory Education, International Business College, College of Information and Communication Engineering, College of Environment and Resources, College of Physics and Materials Engineering, College of Architecture, Institute of Teaching and Research of Ideological and Political Theories, International Cultural Exchange Institute, Research Institute of the Ethnic Minorities in Northeast China, Institute of Teaching and Research of Physical Education. 52 undergraduate majors are offered related to seven fields of study, such as engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law and art. DMU enrolls students from the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities as well as Hong Kong, Marco and Taiwan. There are approximately 16,000 undergraduates and 300 postgraduates coming from the 56 ethnic groups with over 60% of them being ethnic minority students. More than 80 % of DMU students come from minority groups, minority regions or the western regions. A total of 1305 staff members currently work at DMU, including 858 full-time teachers; teachers with doctorates make up 43.5%, teachers with master degrees or higher degrees over 90.3%, teachers with senior professional titles 43.5%, double-professional teachers 34.3%. Ninety-eight teachers have been recipients of the “excellent talented people” award by the One Hundred Person Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and projects related; thirty-six teachers have received honorable titles at provincial levels. 

    Dalian Minzu University has given weight to the goal of constructing a high level modern minority university with distinctive features, adhering to the aim of its running the school for serving minority people and minority areas and sticking to the principles of enhancing school on quality, promoting school by science and technology, strengthening school by talents and the strategies of the development of internalization. With priority to the principal line of scientific development and quality improvement, DMU has condensed its own characteristics of running the university in the aspects of teaching, research, disciplines, teaching staff, and talent cultivation to “take the coast as a foothold, serving minority people, giving first place to application, implementing educational innovation, enhancing school on quality, teaching in accordance with students’ aptitude, sustaining unity and harmony and promoting all-round development”, which has developed into a late-developing advantage for the successful exploration of the innovative road to the development of high-quality ethnic higher education in the open coastal area.

    Dalian Minzu University has seriously valued the quality of undergraduate education, which is demonstrated by the 8 national characteristic specialty construction spots, 9 provincial key disciplines, 3 provincial research centers of Engineering, 6 provincial key laboratories, 3 provincial key research bases of liberal arts and the Training Base of Graduates of Innovative Professional Degrees by the State Ethnic Affairs Committee. DMU has implemented teaching reforms and basic teaching construction with teaching work as the key, which has brought about the following achievement rewards at different levels: 2 national awards of second class, 6 provincial awards of first class and 12 provincial awards of second class. In 2006, DMU was named the demonstration university of TEFL reform for all the colleges and universities in the country by Ministry of Education; in 2007, DMU achieved the results of excellence in the Undergraduate Teaching Level Assessment by Ministry of Education; in 2010, DMU was approved as the experimental university of the educational system reform by Ministry of Education. Furthermore, one course was rewarded as the national demonstration course of bilingual teaching, 18 courses were rewarded as provincial quality courses. From 2012-2014, the three majors of industrial designing, network engineering and journalism stood first in the Comprehensive Evaluation of Undergraduate Specialties of Liaoning province. Industrial designing, network engineering and Japanese were rewarded the Preponderant and Distinctive Specialty by Department of Education of Liaoning province. The university is well-accepted by the society with its characteristics of education and teaching in terms of undergraduate innovative education, bilingual teaching and the internationalized courses. To date, 30,000 undergraduates have graduated from DMU, which has sustained the employment rate of the graduates above 90% for the consecutive 14 years since 2001.
    In April 2010, DMU was honored as one of the “Top 50 High-employment-rate Model Universities” by Ministry of Education, the only one with such an honor among all the 15 ethnic minority colleges and universities in the country, as well as, the only one among all the colleges and universities in Dalian. In recent years, DMU has also achieved the following honors and titles, such as the National Demonstration University of Student Voluntary Service in Western Regions, the Excellent University of graduate Employment Work of Liaoning Province; the Model University of Graduate Employment of the State Ethnic Affairs Committee; the Demonstration University of Student Innovative Education of Liaoning province. DMU was rewarded the Model University of the National Ethnic Unity and Progress by the State Council both in September 2009 and September 2014.
    Dalian Minzu University, entering a new stage, will fulfill the Party’s educational principles and ethnic policies, stick to the running-school aim of serving ethnic minority groups and minority areas, endeavor to consolidate foundation, optimize structures, improve connotation and highlight characteristics so as to provide talents support and knowledge contribution to the leap-forward economic and social development and long-term stability of ethnic minorities and minority regions. Furthermore, DMU will devote further efforts to improve the quality of education, promote the standard and level of school-running, enhance the strength of school-running and strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness in order to create a good ethnic nationality university welcomed and satisfied by the people, with which DMU will continue to play a dynamic and important role in the ethnic higher education system of China.